I have published extensively, often with colleagues: on epilepsy (First Seizure in Adult Life, Lancet 1988); on multiple sclerosis (Hyperbaric Oxygen - a double blind trial, BMJ 1986); on cancer (Malignant Cerebral Glioma, BMJ 1996); on subarachnoid haemorrhage (Can we do better? ­ JRSM 1989); on NHS policy (BMJ 1995) and widely on high altitude medicine. Please see Full CV for all publications.

Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook
Clarke C, Howard R,  Rossor M & Shorvon S. Wiley Blackwell Publishing,
Oxford. ISBN: 978-1-4051-3443-9. Hardcover. 1008 pages

This new postgraduate textbook published in April 2009 is a synthesis of practical clinical neurology and its emerging specialties. I initiated the project in 2003, and was joined by Dr Robin Howard, Professors Martin Rossor & Simon Shorvon, colleagues at the National Hospital and Institute of Neurology to form the editorial board. Together we designed this book, found an enthusiastic publisher and recruited some 70 contributing authors, specialist and international editors. My own contributions have been the overall planning of the book, liaison with authors and  publishers, writing and editing chapters and running the book’s office.

Lead chapter author:
Nervous System Structure & Function

The Language of Neurology

chapters on Neuro-Ophthalmology and Cranial Nerve Neurology.


‘Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook - is a remarkable fusion of modern neuroscience with traditional neurology that will inform and intrigue trainee and experienced neurologists alike.

Modern neuroscience has penetrated exciting and diverse frontiers into the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disease. Clinical neurology, whilst greatly enhanced by dramatic advances in molecular biology, genetics, neurochemistry and physiology, remains deeply rooted in practical traditions: the history from the patient and the elicitation of physical signs.

Neurologists, neuroscientists and neurosurgeons working at Queen Square, and advised by an international editorial team, have combined their expertise and experience to produce this unique text. The synthesis of clinical neurology with translational research provides a fresh perspective which is:


The blend of new science and proven practice underpins this creative approach towards investigating and improving the care of patients suffering from neurological diseases’.

Neurological Diseases in:
Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine
Kumar P, Clark M. Elsevier 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-7020-2993-6

Parveen Kumar and Mike Clark produced the first edition of this major student textbook in 1987 (Baillière Tyndall) and assembled the team at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. There have been six subsequent, prizewinning editions. Clinical Medicine became one of the main textbooks of the English-speaking world.  The 7th edition (Elsevier) was published in 2009. My contribution was to write the original chapter on Neurological Diseases and update it as the years have gone by.  It was this model, a book written by clinical colleagues at one institution - people who talked medicine to each other - that led to my concept for Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook.

Everest The Unclimbed Ridge


Chris Bonington & Charles Clarke. Everest The Unclimbed Ridge. Hodder & Stoughton 1983.

The story of our expedition to the unclimbed NE Ridge in 1982, where our friends Peter Boardman and Joe  Tasker lost their lives.

Tibet’s Secret Mountain


Chris Bonington & Charles Clarke. Tibet’s Secret Mountain: the triumph of Sepu Kangri. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1999.

Our exploratory expeditions in eastern Tibet in the 1990s and attempts on Sepu Kangri (The White Snow God), a remote mountain of almost 7000m.

Communication, Radio and TV

Beginning with The Illustrated London News in 1965 (colour cover and main feature) ‘Breaking New Ground in the Himalayas’, I have continued to use the media, especially radio, TV and film - to communicate about issues I believe in and events in which I have been able to take part.

1993 Radio 4: Overmanagement in the NHS

1997 Radio 4: Magic Mountain (three programmes on exploration and medicine in Tibet)

Start the Week, Down Your Way, Wogan, John Dunn Show: TV/ radio interviews.

Guantanamo Bay: medical lead for Amnesty International on ITV News in 2008 and other interviews on TV and radio.

I have contributed to numerous mountaineering and wilderness TV programmes and films and lectured widely both nationally and internationally.

Conference and National Events

I organised and chaired the first International Conferences in UK on Mountain Medicine in 1974 (North Wales), and in 1983 (London) and the Wilderness Medical Society/International Society of Mountain Medicine Conference (Aviemore) in 2009.
In May 2003 I organised the national celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the ascent of Everest for the Mount Everest Foundation. This involved personal invitations and hospitality to HM The Queen and other members of the Royal Family, UK and foreign dignitaries, and liaison with the Metropolitan Police. Budget: raised from charitable sources, c. £200,000.